Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update 12/7/2010

The boys are now 3 weeks old! Since the last update, we did make it home. Kansas required some additional information from IAC, us and our attorney and we scrambled around last Tuesday afternoon getting it all together and off to Kansas. By the close of business on 12/1, we had verbal permission to travel with the boys! Since it was cold and rainy that afternoon, we chose to stay 1 more night in the hotel, get packed up and leave Wednesday morning. The drive down took 12 hours. The trip back took 15 hours. The boys slept most of the way. They'd wake up about every 3 hours and remind us they needed food. We'd find a place to stop, feed them, burp, them and change them. Then it was back on the road home.

We arrived home to find it decorated for our arrival! Our friends Sam, David, Scott, Tracy, Scott, Gary, Dee, Mason, and Katelin were responsible. The 3 signs in the house read: "Welcome home Ari & Evan" "Congratulations Mike & Chris and babies make 4!" and "You left as a couple. You enter as a family". The boys have been busy meeting their fan club, including going to church on Sunday.

We have to work with an attorney in Georgia to terminate birth father's parental rights. That process takes about 60 days. Then the adoption process can start in Kansas. We don't know how long that takes, but we think it's at least 60 days and a post-placement visit/report from the social worker who did our home study. Hopefully we can have the adoption finalized by summertime!